By: Filip Pietraszkiewicz

March 22, 2018

Why asking “does my business need videos” is dangerous?

Video Marketing - Strategy

  • Should I invest in video marketing?
  • Should I make video content?
  • Does my business need videos?

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? If you did, I have a bad news for you, because asking these questions can cause you going out of business in no time.

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Today I was supposed to talk about something different but I decided to warn you about something instead. A few days ago after a conversation with the client, I realized that something was going under my radar for just too long. You see, on the verge of video revolution many business owners and marketing managers, probably including you, wonder if they should start creating video content, change the way they communicate and switch to video marketing.

Behind all of these doubts there is one basic question: does my business need videos? Let me answer this question:

Nobody and I really means it – nobody cares about what you need.

I know It sounds harsh but it is very, veyr true.

Every time you start a marketing question with “I”, “My business” or “my needs” a little owl dies in the woods. It means that you are not focused on your clients anymore, which means that it is going to hurt pretty soon.

Your marketing is not for you, it is literally for your clients. So it should reflect their needs. Instead of asking yourself “does my business needs a video”, you should ask yourself:

“Do my existing and potential clients expect a video content about the products, services or market that I’m a part of.”

Here is something that might surprise you: It is said that even 57% of purchasing decision in B2B is done before even contacting with a provider.

It means that people do their homework before asking for a quote or before signing up for anything. If they won’t find what they need on your website, they won’t bother whether it was a lack of content, bad format or an outdated design, they will just go to your competition. Period.

Now, I’m not saying that everybody should invest in the video content, or that every client expects a video on your website.

All I’m saying is that if you want to get the answers that will move your business forward you have to ask the right questions.

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OK, big thanks for reading, and see at the next episode!