By: Michał Sawicki

September 13, 2017

Great story makes a product great – thoughts after the latest Apple Conference


Imagine an old wrist watch, a regular one there is nothing special about it – face, numbers, bars, strap. Would you buy it for couple hundreds?

Maybe if it was branded watch it would be worth it, but I still doubt it.

But what if there was a story behind that watch? What if the wristwatch belonged to an officer who fought in WW2 during one of the most famous battles in history and when the war was over handed the watch to his son who used it through his whole life and now is going to sell it to pay his daughter’s college tuition…

Now the watch seems to be way more interesting. And way more valuable…

Great stories about great changes

Have you seen the latest Apple Conference? We had another great presentation of Apple products but this time for a first time ever the event took place in Steve Jobs Theater. Actual CEO Tim Cook announced the new Apple Watch telling a little bit about the stats and how the Apple Watch became #1 watch in the world, beating even Rolex!

The Very important thing he mentioned is a fact the users fell in love with the watch and how it helped them to change their lives. It wasn’t just a regular speech about it.

It was a real presentation of the stories of the users and their lives.

In the video, we have seen motion picture to the letters read by the real people. Real people from all around the world send these letters to tell Tim Cook and Apple in general how the Apple Watch changed their life.


Source: Apple Conference 12.09.2017

We can watch the story of a military man, handicapped Russian athlete, a father of a girl with diabetes, a 99 years old lady and other people.

Why do we care about some stories?

The stories of the Apple Watch users are the key factor to attract viewers attention and make them feel like the Watch is a right choice for them.

By showing the variety of examples the viewers get the point that the Watch is a perfect choice for everyone – regardless the age or social status. The story encourages them to interact with the device and at least try it, it changed someone else’s life so it may make mine better as well!

The story is a live example of benefits of using the device. The story makes this watch way more valuable than just another iDevice. It turns it into a life changing piece you need. And you start to believe it, you need it, you want it, you want this small improvement in your life. You didn’t buy the watch yet, but you already bought the story behind it and that makes you eager to convert from viewer to user.

Can a story work for you?

When we talk with a client we always start with the story. It doesn’t have to be a dramatic story of a founder, neither a story of saved lives discovered planets or revolutionized markets.

Most of all it needs to be a story your future clients could relate to.

We see it time after time that animation with storyline has way more engagement than those just presenting a product. That story could be as simple as “guy have a problem, guy found a solution” – but when it is told in a right way, it changes the way you perceive the product or service.

So simply – yes, it can. And it will.