How much does it cost NOT to have
the Explainer Video?

How many people visit your site every day and never come back,
because they don’t understand what you do?

People that visit website:

Consider cost of explainer video,
in terms of ROI

What does it mean to „consider ROI”?

Creating explainer video (or elevator video if it is on steroids) is just a regular investment and as one should be considered in terms of ROI (Return On

It means that you should think about cost of video in relation to the profits it can bring. E.g. video that cost $7k and make clients worth of $35k (ROI: 400%) is „cheaper” than video that cost $2k but got clients for $5k (ROI: 150%, because at the end of the day more money stays in your pocket.

So finally the question is: is this video going to be good enough to achieve my business goals and convert visitors into clients?

Why animation convert so well?

In many cases clients don’t buy because company doesn’t explain their product or service well enough and don’t show the benefit to the user.

Animation has the advantage over landing pages and even perfectly crafted headlines, that it catchesvisitors attention on many levels — image, sound and motion. Thanks to that most of them is watched until the end. It means the client can fully understand benefits of product or service and is more likely to

We estimate that on average, companies with no explainer video on they landing page could simply increase their conversion rate by 40% at least.

The cost of every single video is
different and depends on:

  1. Length of the video
  2. Animation style (2D, 3D, whiteboard animations, motion graphic and kinetic typography)
  3. Delivery time
  4. Complexity of the matter
  5. Other factors

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